Trackman 4

Just arrived is the latest in Trackman - Trackman 4! Only 2 in all of New Zealand.

Trackman 4 is the only Ball Flight Analysis technology that uses two radar systems instead of one to obtain maximum data quality and increased pick up rates. 


One radar system tracks everything the club does before, during, and after impact - from commonly known parameters like Club Path and Face Angle to Swing Direction and Spin Loft. The other radar system tracks the full ball flight - from launch to landing and everything in between; including Launch Angle, Spin Rate and curvature. 



 For years I have promised myself to buy a set of clubs that were ideally
suited to my style of play. I have been using XXIO irons for the last 4
years which I purchased basically 'off the shelf'. The frustration I have
experienced over the intervening period trying to make them work for me,
contributed to my decision to take up your offer to be fitted for a more
suitable club.

The process I went through utilising your Trackman4 proved emphatically my
current XXIO's were entirely unsuited for my swing. With the feedback from
your Trackman4 we were able to identify a club that not only was more
accurate but gave me an additional 20% more distance.

When I took delivery of the clubs prior to Christmas I immediately noticed
an enormous difference in my play. Straighter shots, better ball flight and
a growing confidence in the clubs when I was standing over the ball about to
swing. All this without any instruction on how to improve my game.

What has truly impressed me is how your Trackman4 has identified the best
equipment to get the optimum result.

In the past 4 weeks using the new personally fitted Taylormade M2's irons my
slope handicap has dropped by 3 strokes. My ball striking is continuing to
improve as is my confidence in the clubs.

The investment you have made in the Trackman4 will greatly benefit North
Shore Golf Club members in choosing the best club for their game and thereby
increasing their enjoyment.

I for one fully endorse its use in making the right decision for the good of
my game.

Thank you.

Alex Sharp.