Junior Program

A consistent and accessible program for children is on offer at North Shore Golf Club which caters for different levels of skill sets from beginner to advanced.

Junior membership at North Shore Golf Club is open to all golfers under the age of 19 for $345 per year. This fee includes a NZ Golf handicap, use of the golf course after 3.30pm each day, and junior competition participation on Sunday mornings. 


Junior Clinics

For parents looking to have their kids learn golf, we offer one hour clinics for $25 per session. These clinics are open to all childen aged 6 - 18 and are at a beginner level.

When: Saturday 3.30pm


Development Program: For boys and girls aged 10-15 and is aimed at the overall development of the junior athlete which can be categorised into three main areas:  - Swing mechanics and shot making skills - Creating effective training / practice sessions  - Improving course management and playing skills 

When: Tuesdays 4-6pm  Cost: $599 per term

Number of students: Capped at 6 for in depth time per student  


Junior Academy: For boys and girls 8-18 and is aimed at the overall development of junior golfers into professionals. You will spend time as an elite group of students both on the range, practice facilities and on course to improve both skills level and course management.

When: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday after school, Saturday 1-7pm and Sunday 4-7pm (approx 15 hours per week)

Cost: $1,000 per month


School Holiday: School holiday programs are run at the end of each term midweek and will vary according to season. Each day will consist of  - warm up and instruction,  - athletic development,  - golf games and teaching drills across the short game and long game,  - golf etiquette and rules  - use of the golf course (schedules permitting) and  - indoor technology launch monitor sessions.  Please speak to us on 09 415 9642 ext 0 to discuss the upcoming holiday options.