Golf Club Health Check

By now you should have heard of Club Fitting. There are hundreds of club options on the market available from Brand, to Shaft Flex, Shaft Weight, Kick Point, Club head Design, Grip thickness, length and lie angle to name a few and knowing what you need for your game can be overwhelming. Not every golfer is the same size shoe? So why would you use the same standard option clubs?

Available to all golfers are standard options - found on the floor of our golf shop and all golf shops in NZ and across the world. By 'standard' we mean: Standard Length, Loft, Lie and Grip, for that Brand and could range in shaft choice depending on what the retailer has ordered.  Everyone wants to see what the latest model looks like, and these clubs are a fantastic merchandising tool to do that but realistically only 1 in 10 golfers should be using them. This is why more than 90% of the Equipment we sell is Custom Fit and only made when the order is placed. 

All players benefit from Club Fitting - not just good golfers. The main goal of club fitting is to provide accuracy and consistency. For every degree that your lie angle is either too upright or flat, the ball will initially travel 4 meters off your intended target line. We regularily see adjustments of 2 degrees needed which can mean the difference of hitting the green or finishing greenside bunker - no one wants to be there. The higher the handicap, the more room for improvement. Some players have improved by more than 30 meters off the tee - imagine being 3 clubs closer to the green on those Long Par 4's!  This is why it's so important to be Club Fit by a PGA Professional who understands the Golf Swing and can identify any swing faults and make adjustments in the process.


Normally, a Traditional Club Fitting is charged at $60 per half hour. However we offer all customers your first assessment of a basic 20 minute Health Check for free. During this sessions we analyse your current set for any improvements that could be made to your current set, potentially saving you thousands from purchasing new clubs. They could need to be shortened, lie angles adjusted or new grips. All work can be done on site, and in between rounds to not put you out of action. Prices for adjustments start at $10 per club and would be quoted based on your individual needs prior to any work being completed.

Come see us for your Free Golf Club Health Check.