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Learn to Play Golf Like a Pro with Our Auckland Golf Lessons

The team at the North Shore Golf Centre want to help you learn to play golf in a fun and friendly environment, and help you to become confident in your abilities. Our state of the art facilities utilise an advanced range of training equipment and methods, unrivalled in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

The friendly team of coaches at our golf school have over 15 years of experience in training at a PGA level and know what it takes for you to gain that perfect drive and deadly putt. We use state of the art technology to help improve your playing style and pinpoint any areas that may need some improving.

Equipment used at our training facility

At the North Shore Golf Centre, we are proud to play host to the most advanced technology in the country for playing style analysis and improvement. We utilise the following technology when coaching:

  • Practise Area – Our practise facility includes a 220 metre netted driving range, two putting greens, pitching and bunker area, and short game area, all perfect for improving your game play in the areas you would like to improve. If you would like to enhance your drive, our coaches will give you helpful advice at the range, if you are unsure about your putting game, spend some time on the green improving your accuracy and pitch perception.
  • Trackman 4 – One of only two available in New Zealand, the Trackman 4 is a revolutionary Ball Flight Analysis machine that picks up optimal data quality and increased pick up rates for your shot with its two multiple radar systems. These are perfect for helping improve a players swing and are used by professionals around the globe.
  • SAM Putt Lab – The world’s most advanced and comprehensive putting analysis system, the SAM Putt Lab picks up every aspect of your putting stroke and displays the results in a way that makes improving your putting game simple.

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Prepare to play your best golf this summer

You've heard the terms for years: how to break 80, break 90 or break 100! Well, we decided to put together a few programs to help you achieve those goals this summer.
The best way to play your best golf in summer - is to prepare in winter. Each program will be tailored specifically for you according to your individual game needs however, every program will include:
* 4 x One Hour Individual Lesson: Including Trackman Data and Sam Putt Lab
* 1 x On Course 2 Hour Playing Lesson
* Access to any 4 clinic sessions of your choosing
* Analysis of Round Statistics
* Assessment of equipment: Access to lie / loft machines if needed
ONLY $860: For the same price of a new Driver you could improve your whole game instead!

Contact us to book in a lesson

If you would like to take part in one of our comprehensive training programs, please feel free to get in touch with the team at North Shore Golf Centre. Please call 09 415 9642 or email and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

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